Traveling with your dog

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From the United Kingdom to the European Union by plane

Traveling with our pets can often seem challenging. Therefore, it is important to know all the information and tricks in advance so that it will go as smoothly as possible.

Dogs aren’t always allowed in the cabin on the flights and sometimes even the airline forbids it as well. If you want to transport your dog outside of the UK you can do that by plane. But if you want to take your dog into the United Kingdom you have to travel on land (Eurotunnel).

At the airport with Lutri

Important documents for your dog

If your dog has their European Union  passport and their vaccinations, then they only need their plane ticket. No need for any other documents. If their passport was issued in the UK, then they would need an „animal health certificate” written by a veterinarian. Your dog can only be in a travel box while in the cabin. Box sizes and other rules are set by the airline.

How to buy a plane ticket for your pet:

Firstly I had to buy my own plane ticket. Then after that I could acquire a ticket for my dog through the phone. Many airport workers are not aware of the rules and they are giving out false information. We had to talk to 3 different workers before we found the one who was in picture. It’s worth reading everything on the specific airline’s website about flying with a dog and only calling them afterwards. It’s most likely that you can only buy their ticket through a phone call even though on their website they say you can buy it online.


While traveling, the airport staff were very willing and helped with everythingá They really liked Lutri! It is important to give your dog only minimal breakfast before the flight and move them well so that they are tired enough for the flight.

Different rules apply to guide dogs and assistance dogs!

In addition, a few years ago Lutri and I took part in a two-week European Tour, if you are interested in the article you can read it here.

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